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Decades of experience help us understand and meet your unique needs.

While our push into the automotive and heavy-duty markets dates back to 2009, Level Seven has been involved with remanufacturing for over 25 years.
Our dive into remanufacturing began when we developed a custom application for a variety of companies involved in the remanufacturing of aircraft engine components in the early 1990s. Today, updated versions of our original software application are still in use at these companies.
In 2009, a major diesel engine manufacture retained us to develop and implement a modern ERP System that included a remanufacturing workflow at four remanufacturing facilities of a major diesel engine manufacturer. At that time, most traditional ERP systems did not address the unique needs of remanufacturing operations. And this is still true today, as today’s ERP systems are not set up to handle the two biggest pain points for remanufacturers: cores and teardown.
The ability to track cores for a remanufacturer is vital to their success. Since remanufacturing only represents 1% of all manufacturing, few vendors are willing to build a program for the reman market. In 2013, we saw this opportunity and developed a product to meet the needs of this underserved market.
Based on our experience in the remanufacturing business, we created all the features that would be relevant to any automotive or heavy-duty manufacturer, and went to market with Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Remanufacturing. Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Remanufacturing is highly configurable, which allows it to be tailored to the needs of your operation, whether you are remanufacturing engines, transmissions, turbochargers, brake calipers, pumps or compressors. In 2016, Microsoft certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Remanufacturing due to the quality and success of the solution.
As the market continues to change, Level Seven saw the need for a web-based, remanufacturing solution and created an enhanced remanufacturing solution, RemanCoreConnect. This software can act as a standalone solution or can integrate with an existing ERP system, and features robust core tracking and teardown functionality.
Now, remanufacturers, distributors, and core suppliers can choose the best solution to fit their unique needs. Whether it’s RemanCoreConnect or Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Reman, Level Seven has a remanufacturing solution for your organization.

Choosing technologies to support your business should be reflective rather than a reflexive process. Level Seven offers valuable solutions for improved business management, manufacturing, finance, management, ERP, warehousing, EDI and document management. 

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